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Based in Peterlee, the AED Medical Ltd team can offer medical wellbeing services, consultations and treatments. These can include B12 injections to help boost your energy, to a health check and much more. 

Not only is your physical health is looked after, we also provide a range of wellbeing and social activities like arts and crafts and yoga. 


doctor talking to her male senior patient at office


AED Medical Wellbeing are a team of medical professionals, including paramedics, advanced first responders, aesthetics practitioners and fitness instructors.

Feeling run-down and low on energy can happen to us all from time-to-time, but if you're feeling consistently lethargic there may be more at play. We can offer treatments such as B12 and vitamin injections to help give you an energy boost or try our yoga class to recharge your wellbeing. 

Please Note:

Only when you've completed a comprehensive health check / consultation will our healthcare professionals offer appropriate injection treatments.

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